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Gamer's Chest simple tiles
Gamer's Chest slope for dices

Drop your dice!

The top cover of the tower serves as a tray for catching dice rolling out of the tower. It resembles a lowered suspension bridge in front of the castle gates, to which the guards run out to defend their castle. In the game, these are rolling cubes that decide the fate of your game.

Have you ever blamed yourself for a bad roll of the dice? With our tower, you can forget about it and let it decide your fate. 4 levels inside the tower improve the randomness of the results of throwing dice, making them rotate uniquely and change the drop values.

Install in a second

The distance between the levels (2 inches) is sufficient to roll any number of dice, and they will not get stuck inside.

The levels are very easily installed in special grooves inside the tower, then they are ideally folded on top and covered with a dice tray.


The Dice Tray is conveniently mounted to the tower using two pairs of magnets.

Gamer's Chest magnet

Just light touch to add

When assembled, the dice tray serves as the top cover of the tower so that the toothed protuberances of the tray fit perfectly into the protrusions of the tower and are also held by 3 pairs of magnets.

Right place for all items

Modular tiles is a magnetic modular hex tile system that you can use with board games and role-playing games.

Each tile has magnets installed on the sides of the hexagon so that they can connect to each other and create an interlocking system.
  1. Each tile is provided with a label so that the magnets’ poles are connected to other magnets.
  2. The lid of the box is securely held by magnetic latches that will not open even if dropped. At the same time, it can be opened quite easily with your thumb. 

Gamer‘s Tiles are multifunctional

Tiles are multifunctional!