A new generation of camping lights, not just lighting

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Hectic life

You need a journey of the soul

Plan a camping

leave everyone else behind

Let the camping lights illuminate your night


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Practical but elegant

Elegant and retro appearance

But he is the "tough guy" of outdoor camping

Iron lantern shell

Able to protect the lamp from collisions

Adapt to all kinds of forest, camping, outing scenes

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Set off the night atmosphere

Adjustable lighting

Rotate the button to adjust the light intensity

Create a different atmosphere

Enjoy romantic and quiet nights with friends


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Super portable

Handwoven hand rope

Can be hung in any place such as backpacks, tents, car bodies, etc.

Light up yourself and light up others


rechargeable camping lantern

Super practical design

Charge and use, long battery life

Also a portable power bank

Able to charge mobile phones, cameras, flashlights, etc. 

rechargeable camping lantern 

IPX4 level waterproof and dustproof

Loli's appearance

High standard waterproof and dustproof design

Easily deal with inclement weather


rechargeable camping lantern


Feel the freedom and beauty of nature

Elegant retro camping lights are more suitable for the moment

No matter how busy you are, keep loving life!


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  • john

    How do you change the batteries, do you have to unscrew the base?

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