The Ultimate Tea Maker For Yourself And Others

Everyone loves a delicious cup of tea and if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your tea game, look no further than HTB’s popular 360° Tea Maker.   
Whether you want to make tea for a group of people, a friend or for yourself, this tea maker can help increase your enjoyment of your favorite beverage.   
It is available as a tea set, which includes an innovative, rotatable Chinese tea pot that is not only lots of fun to use, but incredibly efficient.  

The tea set also includes four pretty and matching teacups, as well as a natural-looking, slatted bamboo tea tray.   
The tea tray also doubles as a regular tray for everyday use: simply flip it over and start using it!   If you already have a tea set, but you’re looking for a better teapot, the good news is that you can buy the teapot separately and save money!   

HTB’s beautiful tea set is great for personal use but also makes a fantastic gift for friends, family and loved ones.  
It comes in a range of colours, patterns and styles and there is something to suit everyone.   
Whether you prefer the traditional, blue and white patterned design, the contemporary green and gold set, elegant black colour or the plain dark green, you will be sure to love your new tea set.   
Another aspect of HTB’s well-loved tea set is the ebony handle that protects your hands and adds a touch of tradition and aesthetics to the teapot. This means that you no longer have to burn your hands when pouring tea!   

As always, with HTB, you enjoy fast and efficient shipping and great customer service should you have any questions.   
In addition, if you’re a new customer, you receive 10% off your first order so what are you waiting for?  
Get your new tea set here: 360° Tea Maker  
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