Did you choose the right dog bowl? 

elevated dog bowls for large breeds with stainless steel bowls
Nowadays, more and more people keep pets. Pets are our friends, always with us, bringing us a lot of warmth and joy. The health of pets is also our concern. We found that many dogs still use ordinary dog ​​bowls. The use of this kind of dog bowl greatly strengthens the shoulder and neck pressure when eating, which is not good for dogs' health. However, a suitable elevated dog bowl can protect the health of the dog. 

The picture of dog eating

Eating is more convenient 
Most dogs eat with their heads down, but this posture for dogs to eat with their heads down does not look comfortable, especially because it puts a lot of pressure on the dogs' shoulders and necks. When the dog is in old age, the action of lowering the head to eat puts a lot of pressure on the dog's joints, and the elevated bowl can adjust the height of the dog's food, making it easier for the dog to eat. 

Dog feeding diagram Shoulder and neck pressure diagram

Reduce cervical pressure 
The dogs spend most of his time eating with his head down, especially for dogs in old age. Their muscles and bones have degenerated. Long-term bowing of their heads affects their cervical spine, as well as their shoulders, back and spine. All have a certain impact. Properly raising the height of the dog bowl can allow the dog to raise its head, thereby reducing the pressure on their shoulder and neck. 

Cleaner and prevent dust on the ground from entering the dog bowl 
Dog bowls placed on the ground will fall into more dust due to the walking of the owner, contaminating the food inside, and long-term consumption of dirty food is not friendly to the dog's intestines and stomach. Moreover, the position of the dog bowl is too low, and the bowl may be overturned due to the owner's carelessness and the dog's play. And an elevated dog bowl can completely avoid these. 
elevated dog bowls for large breeds with stainless steel bowls
Reduce aggressive behavior of dogs due to food protection 
When a dog is using an ordinary dog ​​food bowl, it will see its feet when it eats, which will make it perceive its own territory and possessiveness. This situation is likely to cause the dog to appear aggressive behaviors of food protection. If the dog food bowl is raised, the dog can observe the surrounding environment well when eating. This will allow the dog to have a calmer mood to eat and reduce the possibility of aggressive behavior. 

An elevated dog bowl can not only help dogs relieve stress and relax their muscles, but also create a cleaner environment. Hurry up and choose a suitable dog bowl for our partner! 


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