For Tea Lover--Have different in your life

tea set


360 Tea Maker Set - perfect for modern workers, adding a different kind of fun to our busy life.

tea set

Enjoy leisure time after busy work

Too busy, too much pressure

Does it bother you? Want a different lifestyle?

Tea will add the joy to your life!

Enjoy leisurely time and afternoon tea !


tea set


More convenient

Compared with Traditional tea brewing

Complicated preparation procedure ,complex tools

Watching the heat to avoid scalding the teapot

Worry about being too short or too long


360 tea maker set


360 rotation tea making machine

Making tea easy, convenient and simple


Suitable for different teas

scented tea, black tea, green tea and so on


Simple operation, no mistakes

Three steps, 100% success

for the health-conscious but too busy


1 Add tea leaves to tea pot

2 Pour in the hot water, wait for a while

3 Enjoy a leisurely time of afternoon tea


Excellent material,enjoy the design of details


360 tea maker set


High quality ceramics, high temperature firing

Double-layer design, the filter, and teapot can be separated. The side handle is slightly

Double layer design

Filter and teapot can be separated

Side handle slightly raised, can be directly inserted into the filter to be embedded


Easy to carry

Send to receive package,easy to carry

Enjoy delicious tea when you go camping




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